My name as Ali and I always see the positives in all of life’s situations. I lost 25kg in weight through exercise, positive thinking, meditation and self belief. A came off prescription medication, pain killers and regular injections for diagnosed Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, joint pain and acid stomach. I incorporated “The Complete Three” – BODY, MIND & SPIRIT – into one and have continued to do so, and I would like to reveal to other people how using The Complete Three in everyday life will help them to attain a healthy balance.








What is Wellness?

Wellness, in my opinion, is the top priority in my life. Without it I am good for nothing and nobody.
What is wellness? It is the complete three – Body, Mind and Spirit.

BODY – Exercise has the greatest positive effect on the body; it releases adrenalin and endorphins when the heart rate is elevated, and is beneficial as a painkiller and anti-depressant. It’s also great for Arthritis, joint problems and stiffness.

MIND – A positive mind-set attracts positive results. Even in bad times or negativity there can always be a positive outcome or a sense of gratitude for what we have or had.

SPIRIT- Meditation, quiet mind and solitude, brings us to a sense of self, to nurture our being on a more spiritual level. To experience who we truly are and what we think is the importance of life, which to me is life itself.

All the above information is based on my own personal experiences. Life has recently tested me with a number of cumulative ‘challenges’ in order to give me a huge wake up call. An excess of alcohol & cigarettes, a near fatal spider bite that resulted in being wheelchair bound for months, relationship issues and various other circumstances have realigned my mind into ‘knowing’  that the most precious gift of all is health and wellness.

Food matters, exercise matters – its preventative medicine, it’s what sustains our body mechanics and is thoroughly pleasurable.
The euphoria I feel now with my diet of home grown, chemical free vegetables, regular exercise, positive living and thinking, far outweighs any of my past experiences.
I have no more pain in my body; I am happy and healthy and love life. FREE OF ANY TOXINS!

I would like to help YOU achieve a state of complete Wellness!

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Ali Jardine – Health presenter and speaker
@ The Conscious living Health Expo, Perth WA
@ Carine senior High School, Perth WA
@ Department for Child protection, Family and carers 2013/14 ( Health,
@ Seniors Health and lifestyle, Expo2013/ 14 ( Shire of Murray.WA. gov)
@ The Ladies Australian network conference – October 2015