Colour brightened up my world in a way that I can only describe as being magical. It is also one of the most powerful tools I have ever experienced in my life. The insights I have gained and appreciated have been overwhelming to the point of being miraculous.

I started wearing a lot of different colours, I let my body choose and I went with with I felt comfortable with. I was tuning into my bodies energy and not making any conscious decisions with what to wear or even what to eat. Why was I eating pineapple with corn? Plums and beetroot?

Being attracted to all of these different colours, I soon worked out that they were actually healing and stimulating my body. The chakra system which is an energy field in and out of the body is based on colour and when awakened and enlivened will reward the body with surplus amounts of energy and vitality. To find out more about the colour recipes, have a look at my book “The Colour of Health – Food for Life”